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Rigi Scan

 When your patients come to you with concerns about impotence, they want answers they can understand.

 Then they want treatment. Only with the RigiScan Plus Rigidity Assessment System can you gather, evaluate,

 and store your patients' penile rigidity and tumescence data...and provide the answers that will take them

 comfortably from diagnosis to treatment.

 State-of-the-Art Technology Plus Patient-Friendly Design

 One-button performance guarantees successful patient operation

 Ambulatory monitor offers increased data accuracy through nocturnal home use

 Self-calibrating penile loops insure proper fit

 Windows-based software downloads 30 hours of testing in less than 10 minutes

 Built-in database program allows for management of patient profiles

 The RigiScan Plus provides you with easy-to-read graphs which are simple for patients to understand.

 You can convert the graphical data into tables for improved analysis and diagnostic capability.

 Confirmation of Impotence Diagnosis Plus Other Useful Applications

 Differentiation between organic and psychological impotence

 Better patient and partner education through a wide variety of reports, graphs and tables

 Titration of pharmacological agents for increased dosage accuracy

 Impotence diagnosis documentation as liability protection and proof for insurance reimbursement

 We offer a complete support program that substantially reduces the time commitment for you and your staff.

 Training and assistance are provided by experienced, certified professionals.

 Patient Plus Physician Support Program

 7 AM - 7 PM (Central Time), Monday through Friday, toll-free technical support for you

 In-office assistance and staff training

 Patient videotapes

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