The exclusive Bioreve Concentrates are natural phytocomplexes

carefully targeted to optimize the results of skincare treatments.

The key to the success of the Bioreve Concentrate line is mixing

the two solutions just before application, creating an instant,

adjustable emulsion with very few preservatives.

The Bioreve Concentrates are offered in four varieties:

Clearing, Acne, Anti-Aging and Lifting.

Concentre Vital Acne

Intensive purifying treatment to re-balance and clear skin.

Includes antiseptic essential oils to protect the skin and

strengthen its natural defenses against the causes of excess

oil production

Concentre Vital Anti-Aging

Intensive treatment to help prevent and protect

skin from the gradual loss of emollience and moisture. Centella

asiatica activates the metabolic processes of the cells and

improves cell turnover and renewal.

Concentre Vital Lifting

Intensive treatment restores cutaneous tissue and smoothes

fine lines at the epidermal and dermal levels. Increases water

retention capacity, reactivates cell mitosis, improves circulation

and rebalances lymphatic circulation.

Concentre Vital Clearing

Intensive skin purifying and astringent treatment that combines

ascorbic, azelaic and kojic acids to help reduce discolorations