Hydrotherapy Tubs - Aromatherm 4-In1

Technologically transporting any day spa or spa into the future of optimum spa care, the Aromatherm Capsule is exceptionally designed for maximum multi-function operation, comfort and performance, delivering a perfectly controlled environment. This spectacular capsule ensures that any spa regardless of space limitations, capably offers and effectively performs all vital body treatments required for professional success. Combining four functions in one, each function is digitally controlled. The Aromatherm Capsule equips today’s spa with Hydrotherapy Tub, Wet Table, Steam and Vichy Shower capabilities.Fully enclosed, compact and durable, this capsule simplifies professional performance and maximizes treatment capacity. Also available with the innovative Fiber Optic Color Lighting System (Item # 9001-20LT). Choosing from a variety of seven mood setting colors, the spa professional can further enhance the client’s spa environment and overall experience.

Hydrotherapy Tubs - Aromatherm 3-In-1

By incorporating Wet Table, Steam and Vichy Shower functions, body treatments become easier to perform and capable of delivering increased results. Client comfort, warmth and utmost privacy is ensured within the enclosed sophisticated capsule. This new design style enables the therapist to remain effortlessly dry versus conventional Vichy Shower equipment. Steam, Wet Table and Vichy Shower functions are facilitated by manual operation. Hygienic, its smooth surface and beautiful design facilitate easy clean up and quick sanitation. The Aromatherm M Manual Capsule 3 in 1 provides an excellent alternative to traditional body wraps