Oxytherm XL Powerful and efficient, this hydrotherapy tub features an outstanding sanitary corrosion-resistant grade acrylic shell and sealed metallic structure. Technologically designed in step with today’s successful spa, it also features digital controls, zone controls and selective cycling. Its 184 air jets, 48 water jets and 77 gallon capacity, assists any spa in ensuring maximum treatment benefits as well as an immense feeling of wellness for each and every client. Treatment timeliness and operational ease is assured with three pre-set fully electronic programs. Our built-in alarm sensors promptly notify the therapist when water has reached its maximum level. Seawater safe, its automatic self-flushing system mixes fresh water with antibacterial liquid to ensure maximum hygiene and health.


Terratherm GX Promoting a maximum therapeutic treatment experience, the Oxytherm XL (Item #9001-15) delivers state-of-the-art technology combined with maximum operational ease. This spectacular noiseless hydrotherapy tub is encased in a top grade non-porous acrylic shell. With eight fully electronic programs plus one programmable treatment, this tub offers variable water and air pressure, a fully electronic control wand and a unique electronic self-disinfecting system, which automatically mixes fresh water with antibacterial liquid for quality sanitation. Shown: The Oxytherm XL with innovative Fiber Optic Color Lighting System (Item # 9001-15LT), comes with a variety of seven mood-setting colors to further enhance the client’s environment and overall experience. Both models feature built-in alarm sensors, which promptly notify the therapist when water reaches its maximum level. All of our hydrotherapy tubs are ergonomically designed to facilitate easy positioning and allow the therapist to comfortably perform underwater back massage. It easily accommodates athletic-sized and oversized clients. Hydromock for Terratherm GX & Oxytherm XL (Item # 915-25L).


Cosmotherm E  This economic hydrotherapy tub offers distinct design and flexibility within any spa environment. Its non-porous acrylic shell and automatic self-flushing system, which mixes fresh water with antibacterial liquid, make it the perfect addition for enhancing hydrotherapy treatments. Each of its components was selected and incorporated for its commercial premium quality and durability, enabling superb operational performance. This electronic tub (Item # 9001-12), features all of the above mentioned functions as well as pre-programmed controls for easy operational use, and built-in alarm sensors, which promptly notify the therapist when water has reached its maximum level.

  NG 2000 Economical and compact, this hydrotherapy tub was created and designed with two main points of focus: maximum client comfort and easy operation for the professional user. Its non-porous, acrylic shell offers high versatility and features 104 powerful air and water jets and five individual manual control zones. A unique manual fresh water self-flushing system ensures the necessary sanitation process after each user. An optional ozonization system (Item #9001-100) can be added for total germicidal effects. Uniquely contoured, the NG-2000 facilitates easy access and exit for the client while providing the professional a superior work surface. Its economical price makes it accessible for any budget. The optional NG-2000 Hydromock (Item #915-25) is a perfect accessory for maximizing spa space potential. This portable, removable, stainless steel frame with heavy-duty canvas hammock covers the tubs surface holding up to 250 lbs. and can be used for all body treatments