Swiss Shower

Our Swiss Shower provides an ideal bathing environment that enables privacy while encouraging utmost post-treatment relaxation. Once it has successfully complied with our rigorous quality-control requirements, it is then protectively packaged and crated. It can be easily assembled into its predetermined space. Actual space limitations/requirements must be provided in writing prior to the acceptance of any Swiss Shower order. This attractive, highly durable unit, easily adjusts to any salon or spa décor. In case of overbooking, the Swiss Shower can be utilized as a standard shower. It is a superb choice for an exceptional hydrotherapy treatment

Scotch Hose

Uniquely and beautifully designed, our Scotch Hose unit works to effectively speed up the client’s metabolism through hot and cold pressurized water and direct contact to the client’s specific points of pressure. The Scotch Hose is recognized as one of the most relaxing methods utilized for aquatic massages. This wall mounted unit is built to be easily incorporated into any spa wet treatment area. Constructed of heavy-duty components by a leading German manufacturer, the superb stainless steel handles facilitate easy handling. The therapist can easily determine the particular client's ideal points of contact and comfortable water application distance for an adaptable hydrotherapy treatment.