Hydraulic Wet Table In complete sync with today’s salon and spa industry, our wet treatment tables have been ergonomically designed to accommodate athletic-sized and oversized clients. Our tables are designed with a unique contour, which enables on-going overflow of water to be directed towards the drainage system. The design of the channels within the table’s structure have a particular descending slope on both the left and right side, increasing their depth from 4 1/2" to 6", thereby facilitating automatic drainage. Constructed of reinforced, non-porous acrylic, Cosmopro tables are made of a mono-block construction. There are no hinges or screws inserted into the structure, thus avoiding rusting, germ and bacteria growth. Highly versatile, the Hydraulic Wet Treatment Table allows easy handicap access, due to its hydraulic height adjustment lever, which enables the table to go as low as 19" and as high as 33". Its base is manufactured in Italy and offers solid sturdiness thanks to its exceptional four-corner unit hold design. Its 1 inch, waterproof, vinyl-coated, royal blue, closed-cell foam pad (included) facilitates comfort and is easily sanitized with a special formula (sold separately). When a spa is overbooked, this wet table can be used as a massage table with the optional Foldable Massage Converter Top.

Aqua Massage Built-In System Item #915-243WT Our own uniquely designed built-in body massage and peeling unit includes: a hot and cold water valve with 12 massaging balls which performs as a no-cling water massager, with a vibrating motion for relaxation, activating blood circulation and helping to smooth down spongy-looking skin. It also includes a body peeling brush that can be attached to the Aqua Massage quick-disconnect coupling system, comprising of hose connecting unit, shower connecting unit, Aqua Massage Unit and pulsating body brush. This system must be special ordered and can only be installed at our factory.

Foldable Massage Converter Top Item #915-235

Our foldable, lightweight Massage Converter Top features a comfortable, five-inch thick padding covered in highly durable marine vinyl. This is an exceptional solution to any salon or spa with limited treatment room space. You can easily transform your wet table and wet treatment room into a very convenient dry room and dry massage table when performing massage treatments. Lightweight, it can easily be folded and carried from room to room or from treatment room to storage area. This quality massage converter top can be used on either the hydraulic or standard wet table.

E-Z Mount Face Rest Item #915-234 This removable, flat or as shown tilting face and headrest unit enables the client’s head to rest comfortably while allowing the massage therapist easy access to the client’s neck and shoulders. Easily mounted under the massage converter top, it does not sacrifice client comfort or treatment ease. Comprised of three pieces: mounting plate, tilting unit and crescent-shaped face pillow (sold separately).