Cosmopro's Satellite 7

Combo four in one, is ideal for a salon or spa with a limited space or budget  to maximize professional treatment results. Multi-functional and compact, it features a digital control panel and four vital functions: Ultramass (High Frequency), Iontocrest (Automatic Galvanic), Rotary Brush and Vac/Spray. 2 year warranty. Sold as a separate unit, it includes all necessary accessories. Accessory Holder sold separately (Item# 901015).


Satellite 7 System

full compliance with international safety standards: UL (USA) and CSA (Canada) approved, our equipment line is conceptualized and priced to accommodate any professional budget. Cosmopro's Satellite 7 System is a fully integrated unit offering state-of-the-art technology combining: Steamer, Ultramass (High Frequency), Iontocrest (Automatic Galvanic), Vac/Spray and Rotary Brush functions (Magnifying and Woods lamp sold separately).


Satellite 7 System & Combo Accessories

Cosmopro Satellite 7 System & Satellite 7 Combo Accessories Include:
Ultramass (High Frequency): 2 mushroom electrodes - 1 large violet (all skin), 1 small pink mushroom (sensitive skin), 1 spiral indirect massage. Iontocrest (Automatic Galvanic): 1 hand-held electrode with spontex, 1 desincrustor with cap, 3 spontex sponges, 1 eye electrode, 2 cables (black and red). Vac/Spray: 3 cupping glasses, 1 anti-wrinkle, 1 blackhead, 1 facial massage, 1 jet spray vaporizer, 1 extra plastic lotion bottle, 2 (5' 152.4 cm) plastic tubes, 1 coupling for plastic tube and electrode. Rotary Brush: 2 natural soft bristles, a small (3/4" 1.9 cm) and large (1 1/2" 3.8 cm), 1 natural firm bristle, large (1 1/2" 3.8 cm).


Steamer & Stand

Offering aromatherapy technology is simple with Cosmopro's versatile and dynamic steamer (ozone). This unit provides easy room-to-room transport in case of overbooking or limited treatment room space, delivering soothing and replenishing essential oils to the skin (maximum client proximity comfort can be adjusted with the 360 pivoting arm). This steamer features adjustable height, a directional head, easy access water refill outlet, maximum level water indicator and a special no drip nozzle. Its removable arms enable safety shipping and quick installation. Accessories Include: 1 adapter cap for essential oils, 6 wicks for essential oils, and 1 anti-drip spontex for drop collection. CSA and CE certified. 2  year warranty. Steel frame stand on casters is included.

Magnifying Lamps      

Omnivue Magnifying Lamp







                          Circuline Magnifying Lamp