The idea was visionary,but SIMPLE, & an innovative concept                      

Based on a cosmetic surgeon's idea and a new discovery known as Hydrofusion,

steam and infrared heat have been combined to allow simultaneous application

to the body. The result is being recognized as a breakthrough discovery in spa


DermaLife 5.5 pH Hydrofusion Skin & Body Care System represents the   

state-of-the-art in beauty/spa treatments 

With the DermaLife System your clients will gain access to a unique collection of

face and body treatments combining the best of traditional spa services with the

breakthrough results of Hydrofusion therapy. The new and revolutionary

DermaLife System incorporates the latest technological advances in thermal,

hydro, phyto, massage, aroma, and herbal therapies for improved skin and body

care results and benefits.

The power of the DermaLife files in HYDROFUSION                                      

Hydrofusion is an extraordinary engineering breakthrough creating a single

blended energy force through the harmonization of infrared heat and steam.

This technology allows you to use both of these natural energies individually or

simultaneously. Together, these elements join forces to optimize body cleansing,

moisturization and the penetration of nutrients producing advanced skin care.

Heat is one of natures most effective catalysts. It speeds up and magnifies the

effectiveness of any chemical process including the penetration of nutrients and

active ingredients found in clays, seaweeds, muds and essential oils. Steam

and heat combined effectively (as in Hydrofusion) allow for better absorption of

the nutrients in such products. Hydrofusion treatments encourage and facilitate

deep and rapid infusion of the topical application into the skin, which is then

circulated throughout the localized area and body by the circulatory and lymphatic

systems. Steam enhances moisturization in the skinís layers and keeps the topical

product moist and pliable, not only promoting a deeper but also a more even a

bsorption of its nutrients. Additionally, a moist product is more comfortable for

the client and easier to remove following the treatment. The benefits of steam

and infrared heat can be combined with numerous beauty and skin rejuvenation

treatments for better results and more satisfyed customers.Treatments with the

DermaLife System are easily incorporated into existing services. Once clients

experience improvements in their skin resulting from their DermaLife treatments,

these treatments will quickly change from being a luxurious, pampering

extravagance to becoming a regular necessity to maintaining beautiful skin.

For the spa or salon, this demand translates into repeat customers and greater