Seaweed Body Mask      Beauty By Osmosis...

A unique combination of Dead Sea mud, Italian fango, seaweed, purified sea

water and aloe vera.

Through millions of years of building layer upon layer of natural sea clay and

through the natural fermentation of marine life, fango contains significant

quantities of amino acids and proteins which are known for their nourishing

benefits for the skin. Seaweed and sea water contain vast quantities of trace

minerals and natural vitamins which enter the body through osmosis during



"Multi-Vitamins for the Skin"


The world’s most vitamin and mineral-rich seaweed is harvested for EROMA™

Seaweed Body Mask.


Now your spa or salon can offer your clients the most popular and effective

body treatments available. Seaweed treatments revitalize and moisturize

the skin with the aid of vital and powerful nutrients from the sea. Seaweed

gives the skin greater pliability and improves elasticity. Seaweed also has

beneficial effects on cellular repair, cellular growth and tissue regeneration,

which have led many experts to believe that seaweed can lessen the signs

of aging. Scientific research also indicates that seaweed’s ability to increase

microcirculation and the metabolism promotes detoxification and enhances

slimming and weight loss.